Our party room is available on Saturday and only at the following time slots.: 10:30 am, 1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

  1. Party must be reserved, one month in advance, with credit card.
  2. A 50% nonrefundable deposit has to be made upon booking the party (once you have made this deposit you will be added to our books.)
  3. You have 48 hours prior to your party to cancel. Inside of that time frame you will be charged in full for the party.
  4. Your card on file will be charged the remaining balance on the day of the party; as well as any incidentals. Please do not leave until you have closed your tab and signed your receipt.
  5. We do not accept checks. Cash is accepted, but a valid credit card must be on file at the time of booking. If any damages or extra expenses occur during your party this will be the card charged.
  1. White plates, napkins, cups and utensils will be provided at each party if cake or pizza is being served and ordered through Whimsy. No outside food may be brought into the party room.
  2. Parents and the birthday child may arrive 5 minutes before the party if needed.  Guests are only allowed to enter the party room at the designated party time and must leave at the designated end time. Please be mindful of the guests coming to the next party. Our Whimsy Fairies must clean up and prepare for our next guests. There will be additional charges added to your card for late departure. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GIVE THE CORRECT TIME TO YOUR GUESTS.  IF YOU GIVE THE WRONG TIME OR PRINT THE WRONG TIME ON YOUR INVITATIONS, WE ARE VERY SORRY, BUT WE CANNOT OPEN EARLY DUE TO THIS ERROR OR EXTEND YOUR PARTY PAST THE END TIME.
  3. Birthday child’s parents are responsible for other children attending the party. You must wait with the last child until they are picked up by a parent/guardian.
  4. Guests are responsible for removing personal items and gifts at the end of the party. Whimsy Cookie Co. is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. Party guests must park on the side of Whimsy House in the designated parking area. Because Whimsy Parties are during our business hours, party guests are not allowed to park in the front of The Whimsy House. Please be mindful of the customers who will be stopping by for our signature cookies. Whimsy Party guests will enter our party room on the left side entrance, very last building (white).
  6. No glitter, confetti, or silly string can be used in our party room. There will be a $100 clean up fee charged to your event at the end of your party if this occurs.
  7. Whimsy birthday parties are designed for 1 birthday child. If there are multiple birthday children in celebration, a $15 fee will apply for each birthday child.
  8. If you have extra kids show up to your party that you did not give to us as your final count, you will be charged $30 per extra child and that child will not have cookies to decorate, no apron, chef hat or a seat at the party.  We are a structured cookie party and only prepare for the amount of kids given at the final count, which is due 10 days before party.
  9. If pizza is part of your party package, we must know pizza of choice at time of booking. We cannot alter within seven days of the party.
  10. You must book your party 1 MONTH IN ADVANCE.
  11. Prices are based on 10 guests per party.  You are welcome to have fewer guests but the price remains the same.  You are also welcome to have more guests!  Each addtional guest is $30.00.  If you feel your party might exceed 30 guests, please consult with Whimsy.
  12. We will need a ten day notice on your final head count.
  13. Cookie shapes will be a stars, hearts, and circles.
  14. Due to the detail of our craft we are asking all parties to be ages four and up.
  15. We allow up to 30 children at your party.
  16. No crock pots, chaffing dishes, etc. can be brought into the party room.
  17. For the safety of your children, running, crawling under tables and horseplay of any kind is not allowed.

**Please contact us for Adult/Corporate cookie decorating class prices. We would love to make your special event happen.


If you are interested in booking a private party, please e-mail us at with your desired party date and time.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm availability and finalize details.